Clothing was founded by Matt Lasher in the cardrooms of Los Angeles, California in 2006.  

Originally designed as the world's first 'poker lifestyle' brand inspired by proposition players, sidebets, and risk takers. PROP's aim was to be the 'Volcom or Burton' of the poker world.  Matt got a few of his pro poker friends to wear the shirts from time to time, and the adventure began...Tagline: "It's only gambling...if you're losing."

A few years passed with success selling t-shirts out of the trunk of his car, everywhere from LA to SF to Vegas, and playing poker part-time full-time to help pay the bills.

Love. Poker's Black Friday (not the thanksgiving day sale). Recession. New Job. House. Baby.  All looked like the end of the line for a lifestyle brand. Until...

April 2012.  Along came Matt's beautiful son, Colden. An amazing gift indeed. Colden has Down Syndrome. This makes him unique because he has three copies of his 21st chromosome, where most of us only have two.

Refreshed with a new awareness of the world - a new mission was born.  

 has always been about respecting the individuality of people, and embracing the uniqueness in us all.  The original 'dots' logo is a play on the sesame street song "one of these things is not like the other..." and the square-like dot above the "R" represents the unique person in the crowd.  A person who is not afraid to stand out within a sea of sameness.  

With a little humility and improved empathy the original vision has been revised:

 = People Respecting Other People.


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